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Beulah Marriage is passionate to build strong marriages through intentional conversations, communities, mentorship and events!

Below you will find upcoming events, self-directed studies, resources, counselling options and more, all to strengthen and grow your marriage.



Here are some of the exciting events that are coming up:

couples cafe


A time for couples to learn how to strengthen your marriage | Coming in September

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Find these recommended studies (and more) on RightNow Media.

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Building a Better Marriage

Everyone wants their marriage to be fruitful and full of joy, but it’s a lot harder to get there than most people think. What does it take to build a godly marriage? In this six-session series, you will learn principles from Scripture and explore God’s blueprint for building a healthy marriage through trust, honesty, service, love, and God’s Word


According to the Bible, modern-day assumptions miss what marriage is all about. In this six-session video-based Bible study, see a profound portrait of marriage from the pages of Scripture that neither idealizes nor rejects the institution but points us back to the relationship between God and man. The result is a vision for marriage that is refreshingly frank and unsentimental, yet hopeful and beautiful


God designed marriage to be a permanent commitment, which is a lot of pressure when you think about it. How can you know for sure if he or she is actually “the One”? Dive into twelve crucial questions every couple should consider prior to exchanging their vows. This study will provide teaching to prospective spouses on how to talk about everything from finances and in-laws to sex and friendship


Boundaries in Marriage
Healthy Me - Healthy Us
Riding the Waves
Be happier and reduce conflict in your relationship with the Lasting: Marriage Health app.

Lasting makes marriage counseling simple. Build a healthier, happier relationship in a few minutes a day with the #1 marriage counseling app. Lasting helps you and your partner nurture your emotional connection and repair relationship issues. Each session creates the space for you to reflect, unpack your thoughts, and discuss them with your partner.

Focus-On-The-Family- Marriage

View marriage articles from Focus on the Family.


A crisis situation can bring you and your spouse together – or it can create stress and drive a wedge between you. Strained finances, a lack of intimacy and tense communication may be some of the challenges you face while you’re homebound. But the messiness of this moment can be the perfect season to serve your spouse and show him or her how much you cherish them.


For those who attend a Beulah Campus, an appointment can be booked for a 90-minute prayer session.

Hope Restored: A Marriage Counselling Retreat Program

Focus of the Family Canada’s Hope Restored is a personalized program for restoring hearts and rebuilding marriages. Offering a unique, holistic counselling approach that combines the heart, the mind and a couple’s faith, these intensives address the root of the problem and start couples on a path toward healing.

Most couples who attend are experiencing significant marital distress. Many have already started the divorce process. Even with this level of distress, over 99% of couples served last year indicated that their counsellor addressed their concerns.