In the early 90’s, the Augustana Lutheran Church hired Pastor Maynor Motta to begin a Spanish speaking ministry. This relationship lasted until 2002, when Pastor Motta and the leadership team of the Hispanic ministry decided the time had arrived to go their separate ways and become an independent church. It was then that on January 1, 2003 the Lighthouse Evangelical Church was born.

In 2010, the opportunity to form a strategic alliance to expand our reach for the kingdom came about with Beulah Alliance Church, and it was then that the Lighthouse became part of the denomination Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. Our alliance with Beulah remains since then, and together we continue our mission to reach, teach and equip people to know, love and serve Jesus.

As many of our families are now becoming blended families, meaning they are comprised of Spanish speakers and English speakers, Lighthouse also holds a service in English. Our goal is to expand our reach to the entire city of Edmonton and to provide a space where blended families can worship in English or Spanish. We invite you to join us for Sunday worship in English every Sunday at 9:15am and for Bible Study in English at 5:30pm on Wednesdays.  

Lighthouse also has two services in Spanish at 11am and 1pm on Sundays. The sermons are translated into English through a wireless earphone device, and we also have Sunday School for all kids aged 4-17, the classes are in English.

Join us and get to know what Lighthouse is all about.
You can contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 780-757-5028.

To listen to the Sermons in English click here