Why is JavaScript considered one of the best in Mobile App Development for 2022?

In addition, the companies have come out with versions of JavaScript frameworks to develop mobile apps. The Cordova plugins allow developers to utilize smartphone hardware features such as GPS, cameras, and accelerometers to provide a native-like experience. The significant features of Apache Cordova are a faster development approach with a single code and a third-party application management tool. Before choosing the best framework for mobile app development, you should incorporate essential criteria.

javascript mobile development

You can outsource front end development and facilitate your internal team with several skilled professionals or get a dedicated team of JavaScript developers specifically for your project. Our team of capable and experienced developers handle your unique business needs efficiently and have working experience in versatile domains. We will choose the appropriate technology stack and build a backend using Node.js, PHP, Python, or Ruby, among other options.


It follows the philosophy of “write once, run everywhere” to save developers’ effort and time. Additionally, you can develop hybrid apps that work well on different platforms. This multi-platform technology is based on a single code, allowing you to construct high-end apps that work on Android and iOS devices.

javascript mobile development

But jQuery lets you develop a highly responsive and swift app that will be matching all kinds of devices and even desktop platforms. All the key client-side operations can be accomplished by employing JavaScript frameworks. Depending on the requirement, developers can employ various kinds of frameworks for developing top-quality JavaScript apps. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. If you have an app idea, we would be happy to take it to the next level and assist you in making it a profitable business.

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2022

Meteor possesses both front-end and back-end components, including libraries, databases, and so on. HTM manipulation is also easy thanks to features like easy modification of DOM elements. It has a robust back-end system designed to minimize development efforts with high-speed execution. Another feature of PhoneGap is that it can expand its functionalities by extending its scope with native plugins.

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Selecting an apt framework for your business objectives and availability of resources can be confusing. SGS Technologie is an experienced mobile application development company in Florida with subject matter expertise in all JavaScript frameworks. We have selected 7 of the best JavaScript frameworks that you can consider for Mobile App Development. The ideal usage of this open source framework is building hybrid mobile apps. It uses just one piece of code across multiple platforms and has a range of Cordova plugins.

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Xamarin is one of the top mobile app development frameworks and it is .Net based. Being a cross-platform and open source app building platform, Xamarin offers a development ecosystem with backend, API, components, etc. It is a .Net developer platform supported by various tools, libraries, and programming languages. With Xamarin developers, you can build native applications with the support of an active community for Android, tvOS, watchOS, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The time taken to develop hybrid mobile applications, which run across many mobile platforms, will definitely be shorter.

  • Used in client-side apps in Node.js and native mobile apps with Native Script.
  • Like most other JavaScript frameworks for web development, React.JS isn’t perfect as well.
  • Our Idealization, feasibility assessment of the entire software development process stands us one level up the competitors.
  • Therefore, most dev shops include JavaScript frameworks for mobile apps in the tech stack to cater to a wide variety of clients.
  • It makes use of JavaScript-based SDK with multiple APIs for different platforms.
  • With fruitful interaction, get the best possible solutions for your problems from our consultation and support team.
  • This book is the learning resource to use when you want to efficiently develop your own mobile applications using Apache Cordova as the platform for your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

React Native has established itself as one of the leading JavaScript frameworks for mobile apps. As a result, it continues to grow in popularity due to its ability to work with any platform, simultaneously. One of the best JavaScript frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps is Sencha Ext JS. For 20+ years, we have been helping our clients https://globalcloudteam.com/ build engaging, interactive, robust, and user-friendly web, mobile, and server-side applications. Besides, we have significantly grown our team of front end web developers from a few professionals to several skilled teams. The JavaScript community is growing steadily by releasing new powerful and feature-rich frameworks and libraries every day.

Other than that, PhoneGap isn’t designed as a JavaScript mobile game framework and hence cannot develop hardware-intensive applications. Furthermore, React.JS possesses a component-based architecture and helps in building apps with an interactive user interface. Our JavaScript developers constantly improve their coding skills and always stay up to date with the latest releases of new frameworks, libraries, and tools. We carefully monitor the newest programming trends, best practices, and our front end developers visit conferences, webinars, workshops, and other educational events.

It would be a good choice for developers with prior experience in different JavaScript and Angular libraries. You can use it to develop mobile apps with native behavior and create cross-platform applications in C# using Visual Studio. It’s commonly advised for projects with a custom user interface system, code sharing, or business logic. Other than React Native, most of the popular javascript frameworks available for app development enable creating hybrid apps.


Which of the popular Javascript frameworks do you prefer for mobile app development and why? By adding an array of features, Sencha Touch lets you customize exactly how users will interact with the application as per their wishes. Sencha Touch is a popular HTML-based framework that Is used to create applications that work swiftly on all platforms without having to change the code for every operating system.

We can simply say that it is an embedded mobile web browser inside your native application that allows you to display the web content. MobileAppDaily will help you explore the best service providers depending on your vision, budget, project requirements and industry. Get in touch and create a list of best-suited companies for your needs. Aparna is a growth specialist with handsful knowledge in business development. She values marketing as key a driver for sales, keeping up with the latest in the Mobile App industry.

Why opt for NodeJS Development Services from Juego Studios?

Furthermore, the required resources to implement a hybrid mobile project will be minimized compared to developing native mobile applications. Mobile Angular UI has been used as an open-source online and mobile application framework. It has aided in building and testing applications using the MVC and MVVM architectures. Mobile Angular UI is one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks due to its plug-and-play components, native-like experience for hybrid apps, and directives.

javascript mobile development

Mobile app development is one of the busiest segments in 2022 as smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives. There are different technologies and steps involved in the process of mobile app development. One of the crucial parts among them is coding which has a variety of languages to complete the process. With its wide java mobiles applications range of benefits, JavaScript is a programming language that is popular among developers for several years. JavaScript is always included among the tech stack of major developers to build top-quality apps. Keep reading below to know more about its abilities to be still considered one of the best for Mobile App Development in 2022.

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Consequently, JavaScript has become a popular choice for startups and large organizations. Additionally, here is a guide on using JavaScript to learn extensively about it. Another leading open-source front-end development JavaScript framework is Vue.JS.

Much of the code used by React Native can be reapplied to multiple operating systems, with many usable templates and unique testing tools. Creating these web views on phones will not improve the site’s navigation for mobile-specific functionality, however. “Wrapper” or web views describe the way that most web applications are converted to mobile. Having a well-built app on a respected framework can directly improve its visibility on these stores. The most obvious is that a better experience will attract and retain customers. The different platforms of various JavaScript frameworks are not compatible with each other.

Not all frameworks have the same capability and can hamper the quality of the features of your app. We’ve been in the business for over 12 years and have delivered over 200 mobile and web projects. Giving customers the ability to access service information 24/7 improves their experience with your app and may increase your customer retention rate as a result.

Thus, with such a rapid expansion in technological adaptation, it will be interesting to observe how hybridized our apps develop. NativeScript is yet another cross-platform JavaScript mobile app framework designed to enable developers to build applications for Android and iOS platforms. The latest version of Native Script, NativeScript 6.0, was launched recently and is well-equipped with advanced features designed to escalate the capabilities & performance. We design feature-rich React mobile applications compatible with Android and iOS and function without problems on any platform. In addition, we use javascript in app development to guarantee that our apps are delivered more quickly. Using your existing skill set with Apache Cordova allows you to develop cross-platform mobile applications in less time.

Rather, your developers will have to rely on JavaScript app development frameworks to facilitate coding. It has been used by several well-known organizations, including Google and Abbey Road Studios. Ionic is another popular javascript framework for building hybrid apps. For developers acquainted with web technologies and web app development, understanding the structure of an Ionic app is easy.

React.JS Features

One of the most famous JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development is React. Launched by Facebook back in 2003, React enjoys a broad community and Facebook Support, accompanied by saturated environments, reusable components, and improved efficiency. Requiring minimum coding efforts, React is considered to be among the best & most efficient frameworks for building fast, responsive, intuitive, and scalable front-end applications. If you are planning to design & build a cross-platform or single-page application , then React can be your more ideal choice. Apache Cordova gives you the ability to have a common code base for all of the implementations of your application on the different mobile platforms.


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